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Multi-County Park

500 Acres / 200 Hectares

All Utilities Onsite

Located exactly between Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC


Known as the only true Multi-County Park in the Upstate of SC (County Line runs through the center of the park), the Upstate Corporate Park has 500 acres available for development. 

Bericap has recently opened for business in the Park.  Bericap built a 90,000 square foot building and plans to nearly double that size in the near future. 

Bericap is a multi-national plastic closure manufacturer.  Their international presence and expertise allowed them to locate their facilities virtually anywhere, but they chose the Upstate Corporate Park.    The combination of a strategic location, skilled and abundant workforce, flexible real estate approach and a low cost operating environment made the Upstate Corporate Park the perfect and ONLY location for Bericap!

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